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From the Stumps to a Respiratory and Circulatory Health Powerhouse

In the long, cold, dark winters of the permafrost Siberian forest, thrives the Dahurian Larch Tree. Able to withstand some of the coldest temperatures on Earth, the tree is grown mainly for its timber, but was found to contain high quantities of the bioflavonoid dihydroquercetin which protects the tree from free radicals and oxidation created under stressful conditions.

The compound has gained popularity because of its ability to support and enhance overall health and wellness with powerful benefits for circulatory and respiratory health.

Lavitol® is the commercial name for dihydroquercetin, the bioflavonoid extracted from the tree stumps left behind from the logging industry. The extract is commercialized yielding a component with high biological activity and a whole range of positive effects. Over 20 studies have been published highlighting the ingredient's circulatory and respiratory benefits in addition to having antioxidant, anti-aging, cardio-, gastro-, hepato-, neuro- and ophthalmo-protective properties. As such, Lavitol® is among the best substances for a wide spectrum of action and its safety undeniable. Let's talk about how this product can help improve your formulations today!

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