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Bio-gen Extracts is a GMP Certified company that specializes in the process development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceutical raw materials, food ingredients and colors and natural extracts. With the opening of their new facility in 2014 containing state of the art equipment, Bio-gen is in a constant state of product and process innovation.

Nutralliance is proud to be partnered with Bio-gen to act as their exclusive North American sales representative. With the development of programs such as the Seed-to-Drum transparency for the Lute-gen™ Lutein and their numerous certifications (ISO, Kosher, Halal, HACCP and OHSAS), this partnership allows our customers to rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality carotenoids and specialty ingredients.



Natural Beta Carotene

  • Derived from Blakeslea trispora
  • Oil/Powder/Beadlet forms
  • Cold Water Soluble/Dispersible
  • A range of potencies to suit any formula
Pile of turmeric on white background with wooden measuring spoon

Natural Lutein

  • Derived from Marigolds
  • Oil/Powder forms
  • Esters and Free
  • DMF documented
  • Seed to Drum transparency
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Lute-gen™ derived compound from Tagetes Erecta (Marigolds)
  • Clinically studied for safety
  • Debittered and defatted
  • High protein and high fiber
  • Low fat NMT 0.5%
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    High Protein, Low Fat Dietary Fiber