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Advanced Organic Materials

AOM is a leading producer of natural tocopherols, one of the most effective and widely used natural antioxidants in the market today. Their products fit the current needs of a wide number of industries including food and beverage, feed, nutritional, and personal care. AOM is constantly upping the non-GMO and non-allergen game with innovative new products like their tocopherols from rapeseed and their extensive line derived from sunflower.

Nutralliance is proud to have partnered with AOM to act as the exclusive North American sales representative for their extensive product line. This partnership provides our customers with the security and transparency of knowing that the product that they are receiving is of the highest quality sources from starting plant to end ingredient.

In addition to variety of soy vitamin e, sterols and mixed tocopherols, AOM also offers an extensive line of non-soy alternatives such as:




Natural Vitamin E from Sunflower

  • NLT 900 IU & 1000 IU/g d-alpha tocopherol
  • Truly natural, exactly as produced by the plant, without undergoing methylation
  • Clean label, non-allergen
  • Protection from free radicals


Phytosterols from Sunflower

  • High beta sitosterol NLT 54%
  • Available in powder/prill/esters
  • Clean label, non-allergen


Sunflower Lecithin Liquid

  • Alternative to the traditional soy material
  • Clean label, non-allergen


Tocomix™ 70R Natural Mixed Tocopherols

  • Derived from European rapeseed
  • High alpha and gamma tocopherol profile
  • Unique variation to the soy standard
  • Clean label, non-allergen



Tocomix™ 70 IP Natural Mixed Tocopherols

  • Natural Non-GMO Tocopherols
  • Derived from Non-GMO Soybeans
  • Clean Label